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Case Study

“Lord Shiva: The Greatest Management Guru of All Times”

By- Ms. Sweety Gupta

Designation : Assistant Professor, Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies, affiliated to GGS Indraprastha University

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Contact Details : +91-9999270466

Mr. Shiv Gupta

Designation : Manager & CEO at Incrementors Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Case Study

“Lord Shiva: The Greatest Management Guru of all Times”

Lord Shiva is one of most influential denominations as per Hindu mythology. He is ‘The Transformer’ or ‘The Destroyer’, one of the ‘ Trimurthis’ among Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Historical and mythical researches states him to be divine and above everything.The Supreme Shiva stands beyond immeasurable depth and height and is beyond the limits of time.Lord Shiva is the Supreme power who plays the five activities of Creation, Protection, Destruction, Concealing and Blessing. He plays these actions that run the universe through its forms and powers. Shiva also means the supreme one, the auspicious one and the pure one.

Lord Shiva has multiple names, each name describing his qualities. Lord Shiva also represents the vital goodness in the form of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram i.e.; Truth, Goodness and Beauty. He is named as “Pashupati” which means the Lord of all living beings (humans, devas, devils and all other creatures). He is also known as “Mahadeva” which depicts the great God, supreme in all devas (Gods).Lord Shiva lived in the dark cold mountains, thereby depriving himself from the materialistic world.In the current scenario, where the startup are booming every manager must observe and inculcate certain qualities from the ‘Supreme God’. From leadership tips to desire management, knowledge about Lord Shiva from the Indian mythology will help in solvingmany problems of a modern-day manager.

Here are few lessons that a manager must learn from Lord Shiva:

A Balanced Approach

One must have a balanced approach towards work and personal life to achieve success in life. Lord Shiva is known to be a ‘Maha-Yogi’ a sage who meditates and controls the entire universe, and deprives himself from the materialistic world but at the same time he has a family consisting of his wife Goddess Parvati and his children Ganesh and Kartikeya. Similarly, a manager must know how to maintain a proper balance with the personal and the professional life. Balanced approach towards life is very crucial as both excess and scarcity can worsen the situation. While performing his great responsibilities towards the world, Lord Shiva also supports and takes care of his family. A successful manager must have a balanced life and should know how to maintain balance between his career and family to ensure optimum results.

Practice Change Management

Lord Shiva, the ultimate God, the Maheshwar, is the symbol of both Destruction and Creation, i.e. death as well as creation.This incarnation of Lord Shiva is a combination of two Gods, Vishnu (the creator) and Shiva (the destroyer). He is the one who sustains life on earth and Shiva is known to be the destroyer. A manager must adopt these lessons from Lord Shiva because at any point if there is any disturbance in the organization then manager must face the problem and deal with all the consequences and apply the principle of change management, wherever necessary. A successful manager is the one who bring the required change in the organization by removing all the resistance faced during the change process.

Treats others with equality

Inequality results into discontentment among those who are not treated equally. Women in our country are neglected the respect and status they truly deserve. Biased thoughts still exist in our society and support the notion that “Man form a better managers than woman”. Butthe example of Lord Shiva and his better half Parvati, is still an example that stands tall and high. Lord Shiva regarded Goddess Parvati as “Adi-Shakti”, a term which means Supreme Being and a power above all the universe. He truly treated Parvati to be his better half by treating her equally in every respect. God Shiva always sought her suggestions before taking crucial decisions. A good manager is the one who treats man and woman equal in every respect. A manager must not have a biased mind set and must treat all employees equally irrespective on caste, creed, gender etc.

Innovation & Creativity

During Samundra-Manthan, God Vishnu who had taken the form of Naag (Snake) bought poison out as a result of the churning of the ocean. The poison threatened to fall into the ocean and contaminate the ‘Amrit’ which could cause massive destruction. At this point of time, God Shiva swallowed it and held it in his throat, an act that turned his throat blue. At that time, his creativity and innovative idea of holding the poison forever in his throat saved the world from the destruction. Just like him, a manager must imbibe in himself creativity and innovation. A manager must remember that in every decision taken by the manager he should apply his innovative ideas and creative thinking to gain an edge over the competitors.

Team Leader

Lord Shiva showed great leadership qualities by bringing together all Devas and Devils together for churning the ocean. He made all Devas & Devils to work together as a team with the objective of bringing Amrit out from the ocean. He showed how synergy can produce output greater than the sum of individual output. He gave a perfect example of how difficult task can be performed easily in a team rather than working as an individual. A manager should adopt similar traits and should lead his team in the direction required to achieve organizational objectives in a systematic manner. A successful manager knows the importance of Team Work and leads his team in the right direction to get maximum productivity.

Strong Will & Determination

Lord Shiva is very determined and strong will in everything he did. It was only god’s strong will and determination that he attained the position of “ Mahadev” (Gods of Gods). If a man is doing something with determination in his mind, then he will always be successful. Lord Shiva who is the God of Gods is very determined in his approach. A manager must have this trait of Lord Shiva who faces every situation with focus & determination. While running an enterprise or a startup the front runner of the company must possess bold qualities which will help in the quicker establishment of the business.

A Focused Mind

Lord Shiva is a great meditator and is symbolized to have an undeterred level of concentration. He is known for his calm and focused attitude due to practicing meditation. In today’s life, people are constantly in stress due to high pressure jobs and they find it difficult to concentrate. A manager should improve his concentration levels by practicing meditation techniques to have a focused mind. A manager who has a meditative approach is able to deal with difficult situations and always come up with a best solution after taking into consideration the given constraints.

Risk Bearer Abilities

An entrepreneur has to bear the risk while starting or running a venture. Lord Shiva is known as the ‘Rudra’which means the one who is fearless and is ready to assume the risk when the situation requires to do so. Lord Shiva has the courage to face all the adverse situations fearlessly. In business, while running an enterprise or starting a new enterprise, the manager of the company must possess bold qualities and should be able to bear the risk which will help him in the establishment of the business. An entrepreneur must closely imbibe these qualities of Lord Shiva to become successful. Lord Shiva as he is known to be a ‘ShipraKobi’ one who does not tolerate nuisance and ‘ShipraPrasadi’, onewho entails immense love and respect from employees. An entrepreneur must bear calculated risk to attain appropriate reward no looking and should remove unproductive resources while retaining the best available resources.


1. Great Managerial qualities can be imbibed from our deities such as Lord Shiva. Discuss in context of the above text.

2. “Old managerial values and belief system are valid even in the present scenario and still command the same respect”. Do you agree?

3. Do you think that the managerial traits of Lord Shiva can be applied even in the present management scenario where the business environment is so complex?


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