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April 2014

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 Name : Impact of MGNREGA on the Economic Well – being of Unskilled workers: Evidence from Puducherry Region
 Author : Dr. R. Azhagaiah, G. Radhika
 Abstract :
India is the second largest country after China in terms of population and man power. The haunting problem of unemployment is not confined to any particular class, segment or society as massive unemployment exists among educated, well-trained and skilled people as well as among semi-skilled and unskilled labourers, landless labourers, small and marginal farmers etc. The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) is an Indian law that aims to guarantee the 'right to work' and ensure livelihood security in rural areas by providing at least 100 days of guaranteed wage employment in a financial year to every household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work. The present study examines the economic empowerment and well being of the rural poor in Karaiyamputhur / Panayadikuppam villages of Puducherry Union Territory. The survey was conducted by use of interview schedule and data were collected from 323 beneficiaries of MGNREGA of the selected villages. The study reveals that there is a significant increase in the welfare of the family for both male and female workers in respect of spending more for family, children's education and enables them to save in bank / post office after working under MGNREGA. However, the economic well being will be improved still better if 100 days of employment in a year is provided to them.
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 Name : Marketing Intelligence of Sales Force and Sales Effectiveness
 Authorhor : Digamber S. Negi, Dr Sangeeta Jain, Dr Vivek Sharma
 Abstract :
The present age is an age of information. Services are heavily information dependent. Information is rapidly becoming a service in its own right. Indeed, the revolution in information technology (IT) has propelled "information" to the position of the most critical factor in wealth creation (Braun and Holick, 2006; Arlt, 2006). The paper is an effort to study marketing Intelligence as a concept and study its effect on sales performance of the salesperson in the Insurance and Banking sector. The previous literature throws ample light on the marketing intelligence activities of sales persons and their potential role as information gatherers but the objective of the present study is an effort to explore the relationship between the marketing intelligence of the sales person and their sales effectiveness. The results of Independent sample t static reveal that the marketing intelligence of the salespersons/agents positively affects their sales effectiveness.
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 Name : Leadership in challenging times: Attributes of Effective Leadership in team effectiveness
 Author : Dr. Gunjan Mathur
 Abstract :
While leadership is seldom easy, those charged with leading in the current environment are confronted with an array of challenges. In the crisis situation and present state of the economy good leaders overcome the situation and ineffective leaders are left unequipped in the race to succeed .the success of organizations could rest on the competitive skills of the leader. These leaders have to concentrate on building relationships, focusing on resources. The most successful leaders always integrate and discuss goals and stay focused on the vision for the future.

Business Leaders face a choice during times of economic stress and softer demand, They can make a panicked attempt to squeeze more out of already anxious workers, who will waste no time leaving for better jobs when things improve. Or, they can focus on the long term and invest in leadership skills, relationships with employees, effective Reward systems and motivating work.

While existing leadership research has tried to focus on the importance of transformational leadership in normal times, very little attention has been paid to transformational leadership in crisis situations. Leadership effectiveness has been considered to be playing a very crucial role for various organizations, both during normal times and in times of crisis. In this paper, an attempt is made to focus on the attributes of a leader during crisis.

This paper focuses on existing cases from the literature emphasizing the leaders who have performed exceptionally well for their organizations to successfully lead during turbulent times.

In this study an attempt is made to discuss the patterns of successful leadership roles for team effectiveness in organizations.

Some key dimension variables for leadership behavior identified are : motivating teamwork ,mentoring, creating benchmarks and getting results, good communication skills, Delegation of authority and power, giving rewards for performance, training and developing employees, encouraging risk- taking behaviour, forecasting , managing the diverse work force which have an impact on team effectiveness
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 Name : The Impact of Soft Contract on Employeeship Culture in Indian Organizations
 Author : Dr. Himanshu
 Abstract :
The present study endeavors to explore the significance of soft contract between employer and employees and its impact on existing employeeship culture. The soft or psychological contract has been assessed on the indicators like: Employees willingness to fight for the organization; improving its image and protecting secrets; Contribution of employees for the development of the organization; Employees confidence in the organization for defending them; helping their families in a situation of crisis and focus of the organization to develop employees without any kind of exploitation. For the purpose, responses from three hundred respondents from twelve organizations of five different sectors were recorded and the obtained results reveal that the soft contract between employer and employees in the organization is positively related to employeeship culture that enacts a critical and fundamental role in achieving desired level of organizational performance.
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 Name : Daily Discount Website: Deal is Closed or On?
 Author : Dr. Jasmin Padiya
 Abstract :
The rise of Groupon and similar daily deal website in U.S.A. has inspired many entrepreneurs in India into daily deal space. This paper examines why and how of daily deal websites, user and merchant experiences with regard to daily deal websites. Even though the daily deal website models is a rage, the unidentified fate of taking new challenges without doubt poses a big question for aspiring individuals who want to promote their businesses online and acquire large audience
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 Name : A Study on Market Development Assistance to Samalkha (Haryana) Chaff Cutter Industrial Cluster To Enter In Gujarat Market
 Author : Prashant Pareek
 Abstract :
Small enterprises have been the engines of economic growth around the world as they are an important source of inventions and innovations. Similarly in India also SMEs play a vital role in the Indian economy, and are receiving increased attention and support.

Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Science & Technology has initiated a “Programme on Innovation Cluster” (PIC) with a vision to promote collaborative research, development and commercialization among MSME (Micro Small Medium Enterprise) cluster to promote production of high value goods and services using the innovative route. The project aims to support the Indian industry to move up the knowledge pyramid and operate at the frontiers of knowledge.

Investment in knowledge creation, acquisition, absorption and diffusion is critical for this purpose. This project aims to promote collective research and learning in horizontal and vertical clusters by facilitating linkages among enterprises with knowledge institutions to develop new and value added products aims at national and global markets. It is an action oriented project that builds on the best practices around the world and the foundation's in-house competence to foster cluster based MSME development.

Under the project “Promoting Innovation Cluster” a preliminary visit to Samalkha chaff cutter was initiated by the implementing agency to carry out the Rapid Diagnostic study report with the help of local association to understand the current scenario of the cluster.
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 Name : Remittances and Economic Growth in India: A Time Series Analysis
 Author : Tajinder Singh, Dr. Anjali Mehra
 Abstract :
International remittances to the developing regions are now the largest source of financial inflows in many developing countries. In most of the countries indulging in emigration, remittances have exceeded the merchandise export earnings. India is the top recipients of remittances among developing countries in 2012. The present study has been undertaken with the objective of analyzing the importance and impact of international remittances on the Indian Economy by using the time series data with the help of Johansen's cointegeration techniques and Granger's causality analysis. It is based on data taken from the World Development Indicators 2012, published by the World Bank. Remittances to India are highest among other foreign inflows i.e. foreign direct investment, portfolio investment and grant in aids. With the help of Johansen's cointegration techniques it was found that remittances have a positive and significant long run effect on the real gross domestic product per capita (LGDP) of India. It was observed through ECM and the causality analysis that remittances also have a short run impact on LGDP and real gross fixed capital formation per capita (LGFC) of country. Impulse Response analysis reveals that a positive shock to remittances causes significant variations in LGDP of India for all the period. A positive shock to remittances also causes significant variations in LGFC. The results of variance decomposition proved that shocks to LGDP explain the largest share of the fluctuations in LGDP. Thus it can be concluded that remittances play a significant role in the economic growth of the India and therefore the government should take steps for encouraging remittances by legalizing the different channels so that the transaction costs and time taken to remit is reduced which will further inspire NRIs and PIOs to remit money through legal channel and encourage them to make productive use of their funds.
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 Name : Linkage between Social Performances and Financial Performances: A case study of Asian Paints limited in India
 Author : V.L. Govindarajan
 Abstract :
Purpose - This exploratory study is designed to investigate the nature and extent of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosures (CSRD) in the annual reports and based on the disclosures, CSR score has been computed and also examined the relationship with Size and Profitability parameters of Asian Paints Limited in India.

Design – The present study is mainly based on Secondary data (Author used content analysis) and data are collected from annual reports of selected st st company for the year ended on 31 March 2007 to 31 March 2012. ( All the data relating to conceptual framework of the selected company is collected mainly from literature reviews. The study applied descriptive statistics, one sample statistic, Chi square test, Karl Pearson's coefficient of correlation and Linear regression model to examine the relationship between the selected factors and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives score of Asian paints limited.

Findings – The relationship between CSRD score and the size of the business, profitability of Asian Paints limited has significant at 0.05 levels. The result of coefficient of determination, CSR score and CSR budget influences the financial performances of Asian Paints Limited in India.

Originality - This exploratory study expands the knowledge in the area of CSR initiative disclosure score and determining financial factors and size of the business. In this study CSR score is considered as Social performance measure and Edward Altman's Z score be treated as financial measure and such a study is limited in Indian studies.
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 Name : Adventure Tourists in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand
 Author : Dr. Kashmir Singh, Gurpreet Singh
 Abstract :
Tourism is a lucrative source for destination to attract travelers and for tourists to spend money. Many service sector industries such as transportation services, hospitality services and entertainment play a vital role in tourism development. Due to high disposable income and easier travel, tourism sector has been able to maintain double digit growth. Travel and tourism is the world's largest service industry supporting more than 260 million jobs and generating 9 percent of the world GDP. Adventure in an activity is dependent on the various elements, such as the degree of remoteness, the levels of skills and effort required the opportunity for responsibility and the level of contrivance. Adventure tourism overlaps with other types of tourism with regard to recreation, leisure and travel elements. This paper oulines briefly about the profile of adventure tourists in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.
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 Name : Green Marketing Mix and Customer Receptiveness of Green Product
 Author : Prof. K. S. Thakur, Dr. Sweta Gupta, Dr. Kamlesh Singh
 Abstract :
Environmental protection and green consumption has become the area of concern for marketers, governments, environmental organizations and public in general. Marketing mix is an important ingredient of marketing and thus for green marketing as well. Metaphorically the number of green products has suddenly increased in the markets. Raised awareness about environmental problems has inclined consumers towards green products. In order to translate this raised awareness into environmental purchases; there is an urgent need for segmenting the customers on the basis of needs and wants of attributes of green marketing mix. This study aims at investigating the influence of green marketing mix on consumer's mental image about a green product. The design of this research is descriptive and quantitative in nature. The study population consisted of citizens of Bhopal City. A convenience sample of (150) customers was chosen from different areas of the Bhopal City. This paper covers most of the attributes of green marketing mix and briefly discusses the impact of these factors on mental image and also examines the relationship of customers' mental image of a green product with the customer receptiveness of a green product. The result of this study will add new information and knowledge in the existing knowledge about green marketing mix and will definitely provide marketers, base for segmenting customers. This research has surfaced some important implications.
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 Name : A study on Volatility through Cross Correlation and Autocorrelation: Evidence from NASDAQ, BSE and Shanghai Stock Markets
 Author : Mrs. Pratibha Jenifer Andrade, Dr. Manita D. Shah
 Abstract :
There is a saying on Wall Street that “it takes volume to move stock prices.” Change in prices is regarded as stock market behavior or volatility. To many among the general public, the term volatility (the ups and downs) is simply synonymous with risk: in their view high volatility is to be deplored, because it means that security values are not dependable and the capital markets are not functioning as well as they should. In this paper the author is keen on finding the influence of NASDAQ and Shanghai Stock Market on the BSE for shorter duration. For the study data is collected from the secondary source and analyzed using ACF and CCF. The study concludes thatBSE index is volatile than Shanghai stock exchange and NASDAQ. Both Sensex and NASDAQ indicate bullish market and stable at the open ends (April-August 2012, December 2012-March 2013). In the second segment Sensex and NASDAQ move in an opposite direction with NASDAQ repulsive negatively, indicate bearish nature of the NASDAQ.Steady upward is noticed in the third segment (December 2012 – March 2013).
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 Name : Student Satisfaction: Role of Students and Teachers
 Author : Dr. Meena Rani, Vinita Kaura
 Abstract :
The objective of this study is to know the role of students and teachers in student satisfaction. Primary data is collected from 100 students from one Government College in Rajasthan to know their perception regarding teachers' role, their (students') role in service delivery process and their satisfaction. This study finding indicates that student role has more impact on student satisfaction than teacher role.
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 Name : Role of Institutions in Urban Water Supply: A Study in Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu
 Author : V. Nagaraj
 Abstract :
This paper explores the relationship between institutions, water supply and urban regions. Rules and regulations of urban water supply institutions have adversely affected the urban water supply. The municipal authorities have no concrete policy to manage ground water and to control market based water supply sources in terms of price, quantity and quality. These facts force the poor people in the slums to depend the public water supply sources for their daily needs. Therefore, this paper suggests that the institutional changes in urban water supply by changing the regulations to get new water connection, prevention of over exploitation of ground water and control over the market based water supply sources.
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 Name : Industry Review at a Glance
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