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Editorial Board A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
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 Editorial Team

Dr. Devendra Shrimali
Dr. Dharmesh Motwani
 April 2013

 Name : Compliance with AML & CFT Guidelines: A Review of Implementation in Banks
 Author :  B. Viritha, Dr. V. Marippan
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 Name : An Investment Council for Bangladesh Institutional Facility to Improve the Investment Climate
 Author : Mohammad Osman Gani, A.F.M. Mainul Ahsan
 Download :  

 Name : Depicting the Financial Performance of Heavy Electrical Equipment Industry with Reference to BHEL
 Author : Dr. Neel Kamal Purohit
 Download :  

 Name : Valuing Financial Literacy with special reference to Personal Financial Planning
 Author : Sweety Shah
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 Name : Intellectual Capital Disclouser and Corporate Performance: Evidence from Resarch Literature
 Author : Dr. G Bharathi Kamath
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 Name : Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Retail: An Overview
 Author : Prof. Vijay Srimali, Mrs. Chitra Maheshwari
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 Name : Customer Satisfaction & Service Quality in Passenger Transport: A Case Study of Jalgaon
 Author : Dr. Sunil Karve, Prof. Priyadarashan Patil
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 Name : The Relation between Brand Equatiy, Appreal Product Attributes and Purchase Intention: A Study of Selected Appreal Brands in India
 Author :  Syed Irfan Shafi, Dr. C Madhavaiah
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 Name : Labour Productivity of Banks in India: A Comparative Analysis of Public Sector Banks and Foreign Banks
 Author :  Dr. Aparna Bhatia, Megha
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 Name :  Growth and Sustainabality of FII in India: A post reform analysis
 Author : Mr. Prabina Kumar Padhi, Mrs. Madhusumita Mishra
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 Name :  Thailand and the East Asian Economic Model
 Author :  John Walsh
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 Name :  A Critical Analysis of Management and Disclosure aspect of Inventory (Special Reference of AS-2)
 Author :  Dr. Shurveer S. Bhanawat, Dr. Abhay Jaroli
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 Name : The Spatial Economic Rational for Optimum Rent, Area and Positioning of Spaces in Planned Shopping Centers
 Author : Sumanta Deb
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 Name : Dynamics of Human Resource Management, Organizational Learning, and Organizational Performance: An Empirical study in Engineering Sector The purpose
 Author : Dr. M. Sheik Mohammad, Hussain Anisa
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 Name :  Economy At A Glance
 Author :  
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 Name :  Editorial
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